Years After Last Appearance of Baltimore's Mysterious 'Poe Toaster,' Historical Society Looks to Revive TraditionThe Maryland Historical Society and Poe Baltimore announced that they will host the Baltimore’s Next “Poe Toaster” Auditions.
New Website Documents Civil Unrest in BaltimoreThe Maryland Historical Society has unveiled a new website that features photographs, videos and oral histories from the recent civil unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray.
New Exhibit to Include Remains of Maryland's Founding FamilyThe Maryland Historical Society is developing a new exhibition representing the only physical remains ever found of Maryland's founding family.
Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Washington Monument to be DisplayedA 100-year-old time capsule recently found inside Baltimore's Washington Monument</a> will be put on display at the Walters Art Museum until it is opened in late May.
Historic House to Host Immersive Theater on Edgar Allan PoeThe Maryland Historical Society says a historic home in Baltimore will soon house a new immersive theater experience that will explore the spirit and characters of writer Edgar Allan Poe.
Stolen U.S. Historical Documents Returned to Maryland Historical SocietyAt a table in the library of the Maryland Historical Society, an investigator with the National Archives pulls file folder after file folder from a cardboard box and hands them to library director Patricia Dockman Anderson.
Professional Hobnobbing Historian Siezes Art From MarylandA presidential historian, author, and all around professional schmoozer who has crooned with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Gibson and Martha Stewart, is accused of taking documents from the Maryland Historical Society and conspiring to steal more.

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