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Gov. Hogan Outlines Across-the-Board Agency Cuts

Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration has outlined across-the-board budget cuts to Maryland agencies.

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After Legislative Session, Questions Remain on Spending

Gov. Larry Hogan says it will take time before he knows whether he will fund roughly $200 million set aside in Maryland’s budget for education, a cost-of-living adjustment for state employees and health care programs.


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Md. Republicans Criticize Democrats Over Budget Process

Republicans in Maryland’s House of Delegates are criticizing Democrats who control the chamber for not bringing two of Gov. Larry Hogan’s supplemental budgets before lawmakers to consider.


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Strained Maryland Budget Differences Widen

Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch says he wants to see more assurance from Gov. Larry Hogan that he will support restored funding for education and pay for state employees before committing to some of the governor’s legislative priorities.


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Gov. Hogan Issues Executive Order Extending Md. General Assembly Session

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says he is concerned about how his legislative agenda and Maryland budget measures are progressing, as the Maryland General Assembly enters its last week.


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Maryland House Approves $40.7B Budget

The Maryland House of Delegates passed the state’s $40.4 billion budget on Thursday, restoring added education funding and a cost-of-living adjustment for state employees.


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Developmentally Disabled to Push for More Maryland Funding

Advocates for the developmentally disabled are urging lawmakers to restore funding cut from the state budget.


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Website to Show Impact of Maryland’s Education Budget Plan

Supporters of finding more room in Maryland’s budget for education are launching a website to show how a current budget plan would affect school districts.


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Hogan to Discuss Budget Plan

Gov. Larry Hogan will be talking about his budget plan.


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Maryland Lawmakers Gear up for Budget Work

Maryland’s budget and other state fiscal matters are expected to be the priority of the upcoming legislative session.