To Smoke Or Not To Smoke: Scientist Says William Shakespeare Used Marijuana

A South African researcher says traces of cannabis were found in fragments of clay pipes discovered in William Shakespeare’s garden.


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D.C. Congressional Delegate to Address Women Pot Entrepreneurs

The District of Columbia’s delegate to Congress will address a gathering of women who work in the marijuana industry.


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Ex-Letter Carrier Convicted of Delivering Marijuana

A former letter carrier has been convicted of delivering packages of marijuana from a post office to the home of a conspirator.


Man Smoking Marijuana Joint

Poll: 44 Percent Of Americans Say They’ve Tried Marijuana

A new report finds that 44 percent of Americans say they have tried marijuana.


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D.C. State Fair to Feature Marijuana Growing Contest

For the first time, the District of Columbia State Fair will include a marijuana growing contest.


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D.C. State Fair to Include ‘Best Bud’ Cannabis Contest

D.C. residents can potentially win a blue ribbon for their homegrown marijuana at September’s “state” fair.


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Sheriff’s Office: Woman Gave Kids Marijuana at Party

Authorities in southern Maryland say a woman gave marijuana to children at a birthday party and tried to teach a 6-year-old how to smoke.


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House Wants to Continue Ban on Sale of Legal Pot in D.C.

House Republicans want to continue blocking the District of Columbia from allowing legal marijuana sales.


THC-infused Lemon Love Bars from the "Sweet Mary Jane" cookbook. (Photo credits: Povy Kendal Atchison - L; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images - R)

Baking With Marijuana Gets Fancier, More Accessible in the Age of Legalization

The marriage between baking and cannabis is becoming more creative now that recreational marijuana laws have been passed in several states.


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Several Hospitalized After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana in D.C.

A fire official says several people staying at a District of Columbia homeless shelter have been hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana.