Va. State Senator Pushing for Marijuana DecriminalizationA Virginia state senator says it's time to decriminalize marijuana.
2014 Top Stories of the Year2014 Top Stories of the Year
D.C. Council Approves Record Sealing for Pot Crimes The D.C. Council has made further changes to marijuana laws in the nation's capital as residents weigh whether to legalize pot.
New Md. Laws Go Into Effect Oct. 1Some of the high-profile new laws approved in Maryland this year will take effect on Wednesday. Here are some of the most prominent.
DC Police Say They Issued 5 Pot Citations In First Week of New LawPolice in the District of Columbia issued five citations for marijuana possession in the first week of a new law that decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana.
Oxford Study Reveals Why Pot Makes You ParanoidJust in time to coincide with the decriminalization of marijuana in D.C., a University of Oxford study reveals why pot makes people paranoid.
Facts About D.C.'s New Marijuana LawsIf you think marijuana is now legal in Washington, D.C, think again. Here are the real facts about the new marijuana laws.
Marijuana Decriminalized in D.C. For NowA new law takes effect Thursday that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nation's capital.
D.C. Mayor Pushes for Boycott of Eastern ShoreAngered by a Maryland lawmaker's push to block marijuana decriminalization in D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray wants residents to boycott the Eastern Shore.
Congress Moves to Block D.C. Pot DecriminalizationD.C.'s plans to decriminalize marijuana will be challenged on Capitol Hill.
Recap: What Bills Passed On Final Day Of Legislation In Md.On a busy final day of legislation in Maryland, lawmakers approved the decriminalization of marijuana and a hike in minimum wage.
Md. Lawmakers Enter Last Day of Session Maryland lawmakers will be putting finishing touches on a marijuana decriminalization bill and an increase in the minimum wage Monday on the last day of the state's legislative session.

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