Report: Wizards Shopping Gortat, Interested in DeAndre JordanWizards engaged in trade talks involving Marcin Gortat, set eyes on bigger prize.
SNIDER: Wizards Need More LeadershipWizards may be a house divided that cannot stand much longer.
Wizards' Gortat Ponders Retirement After 2019: 'I'm Old'Many late-career professionals dream of retiring and moving to Florida. Most don't still have a mohawk.
Marcin Gortat wants to speak to his agent, see if Wizards are still 'right fit'Marcin Gortat, who has two years left on his deal, wants to speak with his agent about the Wizards.
WATCH: Marcin Gortat Ties Shoe In Middle Of Offensive PossessionThe Wizards center provided a moment of comedy in the teams' loss to the Hawks Monday night.
Marcin Gortat: I can read Dwight Howard like a bookMarcin Gortat has words for Dwight Howard ahead of Game 2.
WATCH: Steph Curry Completely Jukes Marcin GortatThere are jukes, and then there are plays like this. Poor Gortat just took himself out of this play.
WATCH: John Wall Rifles Pass into Marcin Gortat's FaceR.I.P. Face of Marcin Gortat.
Wizards Make Small Child Cry with Ugly Loss to SixersThe Wizards have literally brought their fans to tears.
Big Play From Big Men in Wizards' First Win (Video)John Wall and Bradley Beal will get the accolades, but the Wizards don't win their first game of the season without big men in the paint.
Marcin Gortat Has a Giraffe NowThis can't really be described as "surprising" news.
Jae Crowder on Luring Al Horford to Boston over D.C.: 'We beat them four times this year.'Jae Crowder pointed to the Celtics' record over the Wizards to lure Al Horford to Boston, something Marcin Gortat won't forget.

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