Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten poses with RAAF Group Commander Craig Heap and international search crew representatives at RAAF base Pearce on March 31, 2014 in Bullsbrook, Australia. (credit: Paul Kane - Pool/Getty Images)

Investigators Now Don’t Know If Pilots Spoke Final Words From Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

The Malaysian government said late Monday that the final words received by ground controllers from the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 on March 8 were “Good night Malaysian three-seven-zero,” not the previously stated and slightly unusual, “all right, good night.”


South Korean Navy Lieutenant Commander Oh Kang-Min, right, is pictured wearing a MH370 search and rescue team patch on his sleeve as he waits to meet Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in front of a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion aircraft at RAAF Base Pearce on March 31, 2014 in Perth, Australia. (credit: Jason Reed-Pool/Getty Images)

American Commander: Search Area For Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Essentially ‘The Entire Indian Ocean’

A cluster of orange objects spotted by a search plane hunting for any trace of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet turned out to be nothing more than fishing equipment, Australian officials said Monday, the latest disappointing news in a weekslong hunt that Australia’s prime minister said will continue indefinitely.


Searchers have shifted their focus as new information suggests Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 may have been flying faster and using more fuel than previously thought. (Getty Images)

New Analysis Shows Plane Flew Faster, Ran Out Of Fuel More Quickly Than Previously Estimated

A new analysis of radar data suggests the plane flew faster than thought and used up more fuel.


Canadian pilot Captain Mike MacSween addresses the media after returning from a search mission for MH370 debris at RAAF Base Pearce on March 27, 2014 in Perth, Australia. (credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Satellite Detects About 300 Objects Near Search Area As One Expert Says It’s ‘Highly Likely That It Is Trash’

A Thai satellite has detected about 300 objects near the search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner, officials in Bangkok said Thursday, but there was little chance of getting human eyes across those items in the near term as weather again forced officials to halt the search for debris by air.


Chinese relatives of flight MH370 walk towards the Malaysian Embassy on March 25, 2014 in Beijing, China. (credit: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

China Demands Evidence Proving Malaysian Airlines Jetliner Crashed In Indian Ocean

China demanded that Malaysia turn over the satellite data used to conclude that a Malaysia Airlines jetliner had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean killing everyone on board, as gale-force winds and heavy rain on Tuesday halted the search for any remains of the plane.


Aircrew look out of a window of a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion from RAAF base Pearce on assignment to Southern Indian Ocean to commence a search for possible debris from the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on March 24, 2014 in Perth, Australia. (credit: Bohdan Warchomij - Pool/Getty Images)

Malaysian Prime Minister: Missing Flight ‘Ended In The Southern Indian Ocean’

A Chinese plane spotted “some suspicious objects” in the area where satellite images have indicated possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but a high-tech U.S. military search plane which responded to the area Monday was able to find nothing.


A Chinese satellite image from March 18, 2014, captured during the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (CHINA STATE ADMINISTRATION OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE)

Malaysia Airlines Search: Chinese Satellite Captures Image Of Large Object In Indian Ocean

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (CBSDC/CBS News/AP) — A satellite image released by China on Saturday offers the latest sign that wreckage from a Malaysia Airlines plane lost for more than two weeks could be in a […]


A search organizer points to the area where ships and planes are focused. (Getty Images)

Search Expands For Missing Malaysian Airplane

Searchers have not yet found the two objects in the southern Indian Ocean.


In this handout Satellite image made available by the AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) on March 20, 2014, objects that may be possible debris of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are shown in a revised area 185 km to the south east of the original search area. (credit: DigitalGlobe/AMSA via Getty Images)

Search For Possible Malaysia Airlines Wreckage Ends For Day Without Success

Four military search planes were dispatched Thursday to try to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean were part of a possible debris field from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.


A satellite image taken on March 16, 2014 and released by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority shows debris believed to be possible wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean, about 1,500 miles west of Perth, Australia. (Photo from AMSA)

Australian PM: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Objects Possibly Spotted in Indian Ocean

Objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight have been spotted on satellite imagery, Australia’s prime minister announced.