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Elfin: Dale Hunter Snuck His Grizzly Style Into The Caps And Shocked Two Cities

Just a few months ago, it seemed D.C. sports couldn’t get any worse, and drastically under-delivering on expectations, the Caps seemed to have made Dale Hunter’s return to the franchise a career fatality…until the Stanley Cups Playoffs happened. A gutsy 7-game series win over the defending champs, scoring only 1 more goal than their competitors shows the Caps may finally be what we’d expected for this group for years now.


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Elfin: You Never Know When It Could All Turn Around

There has been a tremendous amount of turnover in D.C. sports in the last year; from coaches to players and college up to the professional ranks. A generation of losing has never been more evident, but with some of the brightest young stars in sports, you never know when it could all turn around for the better.


Buffalo Sabres v Washington Capitals

Elfin: “Loserville” Would Be Putting It Lightly

Six weeks ago, David Elfin wrote a column in which he dubbed Washington “Loserville” compared to the 10 other metropolitan areas that compete in the NFL, MLB, NBA and the NHL. Well, somehow it’s gotten worse since.

106.7 The Fan–03/28/2012