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Redskins Will Give Thanks For A Win Over Cowboys On Thursday

The annual “Turkey Day” game in Dallas is coming up, and the Redskins need a victory so that they don’t fall further down the playoff ladder. On paper though, it seems like “America’s Team” has the advantage.


TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 30: Wide receiver Pierre Garcon #88 of the Washington Redskins celebrates a 24- 22 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers September 30, 2012 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. ( Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Pierre Garcon And Brandon Meriweather Upgraded On This Week’s Injury Report

When coach Shanahan was asked about Garcon’s ability to push off of his injured foot, the ball coach simply refused to answer the question.



With A Win, The Redskins Control Their Own Destiny

The Eagles franchise is suffering to deal with the notion that this season’s Super Bowl aspirations are probably just aspirations. If the Washington Redskins want any shot at turning this into a miracle season, they must find a way to bring Philadelphia even more misery and take this win from the Eagles.



Are We Beginning To Witness the Unraveling Of Mike Shanahan?

How can a ball coach demand that his players not allow the enormity of this week to knock them off of their game, when he himself has completely fallen off of his?



Ryan Kerrigan Has The Key To Victory For Redskins Vs. Giants

Some say that there’s no such thing as bulletin board material; that if an NFL player needs to be inspired by words to perform at his best, then his best isn’t good enough to begin with. This rhetoric sounds ok, but logically it is flawed.



Third Down Execution Will Determine Redskins Vs. Vikings

Momentum is the great equalizer in football, as it often allows underdog teams to ride its wave to victory. There is no statistic for momentum, no way to truly judge its effects, but football minds understand momentum and do their best to seize it.



Meriweather Still Out; Injuries Force Redskins To Adjust Game Plan

This Sunday will be a measuring stick for the Redskins who seek to prove to themselves that they can be a winning ball club in the National Football League.



RGIII, Redskins Must Succeed in Run Game to Beat Atlanta

When coach Shanahan retired from football in 2009, he spent many hours at the University of Florida picking the brain of head coach Urban Meyer. Can you guess the name of the starting quarterback who Mike Shanahan studied while at Florida? Tim Tebow.



Whether Redskins’ Trent Williams Plays Sunday May Determine Outcome of Tampa Game

Left tackles may never sign endorsement deals, but football minds understand that a quarterback’s success is handcuffed to the ability of his offensive lineman.



A Win This Week Will Define Momentum For 2012 Redskins

Redskins can’t fold up in this week’s game against Tampa Bay, even amidst a losing streak.