D.C., Baltimore Rank in Top 10 Most Liberal Cities in AmericaThe District is the second most liberal city in America, with Baltimore coming close behind as the tenth most liberal, according to The Economist.
Study: Americans Are More Politically Biased Than RacistPolitical differences between Democrats and Republicans are increasingly moving to polar opposites, with their political biases spreading into their social lives more dramatically than race or religious differences.
Tea Party Ad Rips McConnell For 'Political Cronyism,' Gay Marriage ProgressA national tea party group launched a radio ad on Tuesday ridiculing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of “political cronyism,” funding Obamacare, and recommending a liberal judge that has left Kentucky “stuck with gay marriage.”
Palin 'Taken Aback' By Some 'Liberal' Statements From Pope Francis Former Vice Presidential candidate and governor of Alaska Sarah Palin said that some “liberal” statements from Pope Francis have “taken her aback,” and she expressed caution that this may be influenced by media narratives.
Maryland Becoming More LiberalPolitical scientists say a state long solidly Democratic has moved increasingly to the left as the result of recent statewide elections.
Study: Political Social Media Use Leans To Liberal YouthPolitical elections are increasingly effected by social media use, and some groups are thriving more than others.
Opinion: Why Do The Liberals Keep Complaining?Liberals and their ilk obviously won the executive branch of the United States government for another four years with the reelection of President Barack Obama, but they still pick fights as much as they did before the election – if not more.
The Bipartisan Couple: An Endangered Species
Opinion: Just Biding Our TimeIn no time, conservatives will be trying to hold back the smirks as these liberals slowly but surely realize what they’ve done to our country.
Study: College Professors Continue Shift To 'Far Left' StanceThe percentage of faculty members at four-year colleges and universities across the country who identify as “far left” or liberal has rapidly increased in the last three years.
George McGovern Dies At The Age Of 90George McGovern once joked that he had wanted to run for president in the worst way — and that he had done so.
Liberals Threaten Not To Vote In November Over Disappointment With ObamaThey are trying to be hopeful, but the Democratic Party's most passionate voters are struggling to hide their frustration with President Barack Obama.

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