Report: Obama Invites Bipartisan Congressional Leaders To Meet At White House On FridayResurgent Republicans captured Democratic seats in Arkansas and West Virginia and bid for control of the U.S. Senate and a tighter grip on the House Tuesday in elections shaped by deep voter discontent with President Barack Obama.
112 Arrested At Protest Against US Deportations Immigrant activists and religious leaders massed outside the White House on Thursday to protest against U.S. policies on deporting migrants in the country illegally, and police arrested 112 demonstrators they say blocked traffic.
GOP Leaders Shorten Presidential Nominating Season Republican leaders overwhelmingly voted Friday to shorten their presidential selection process in an attempt to minimize damage from GOP candidates attacking each other.
Study: Leaders Among Fish Are Born, Not MadeA new study of fish finds that leadership is an innate quality, and while leaders can learn to be followers, natural followers cannot learn to be leaders.
President Obama Making First Trip To Pitch For Gun Proposals President Barack Obama will travel to Minneapolis Monday to pitch his proposals for reducing gun violence.

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