Right there. You see that? That's proof of a repulsive abuse of power and privilege. (Credit: @BlueShortsLIFE)

True Detective: Junkies Compete for #GoodDayDC Attention Dollars

A recent hashtag promotion by Fox 5 has brought to light some underhanded self-promotional practices run amok from within 106.7 The Fan’s talent pool. Let’s get a True Detective on the case.


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Technical Difficulties: Quick Links to Stream Friday’s (Feb. 28) Show

Something funny’s going on with the Junkies podcasts, so until that gets straightened out, whatever it is, here are some quick links to stream each of the thirteen segments from Friday’s (Feb. 28) show.


'You belong to me' by Taylor Swift. (Credit: JP Flaim)

Happy Birthday: The Junkies’ Top 10 Web Stories from EB’s 43rd Year

EB of the Junkies celebrated his 44th birthday on the air Thursday. Here are the Junkies’ Top 10 Web Stories from Eric Bickel’s 43rd year on this planet. It might surprise you what made the list. Happy Birthday, EB!


CSN doing the "wacky caricature drawing of Ali Krieger" bit. (Credit: Table Manners Facebook Page)

Soccer Star Ali Krieger Tells the Junkies She’d Consider Playboy

United States Women’s National Soccer Team star and Woodbridge-native, Ali Krieger, certainly didn’t rule out the idea of posing for Playboy magazine, when asked if she would consider the offer if was presented, in the latest episode of Table Manners on Comcast SportsNet.


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Davey Johnson Apologizes for ‘Sports Flunkies’ Joke

106.7 The Fan skipped a beat on Thursday when an impromptu call-in from Nats manager Davey Johnson prompted one of the strangest segments in the history of the radio station.


Ewadd wearing his Stedman Bailey jersey. (credit: Eric Waddon)

Something I Call Personalit’Ewadd’

With the rising presence of video producer Ewadd as a character on the Junkies, it’s time to gauge the temperature of the loyal listeners on his development. What do you know about ‘E with an E, Wadd with two Ds’ so far and how would you like to see his character arc develop on the show?



Mike Tyson Blasts Cakes’ ‘Him’ Impression

Sometimes the world just unfolds its giant arms and gives you exactly what you desire. Listen to this mega awkward Junkies interview with Mike Tyson as Cakes tries out his Mike Tyson interview ON Mike Tyson. A moment years in the making…


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On Blast: Discover Who Purchased Twitter Followers

Many people find great value in the many uses of Twitter, whether it’s aggregating news, following interests more closely or using it to promote personal brands or messages. As the dust settles from the Wild West days of Twitter, malicious and fraudulent behavior becomes easier to identify: like purchasing Twitter followers to misrepresent popularity.


Porn star Jenna Haze holds a cucumber like someone holds a cucumber in-studio. (Credit: Eric Waddon/Sportsradio 106.7 The Fan)

‘Director’ Jenna Haze Not Down With The Bits

Much to the chagrin of many loyal Junkies listeners, there were no wacky on-air escapades with reformed porn star Jenna Haze on Thursday, but then again, they can’t all be Asa Akira (the hottest person on the planet).


106.7 The Fan's Chalk Talk At Carmines

Junkies: Chalk Talk w/ John Carlson and Brooks Laich

Check out the photos from the 1st Chalk Talk of 2013 at Carmines with Brooks Laich, John Carlson and the Junkies.