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This placard hereby signifies the Red Lobster has been committed to the seas, for eternity. 
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The Junkies Held a Funeral Service for Redskins’ ‘Red Lobster’

Inspired by the nickname given to Mike Shanahan by Fred Smoot, the Junkies laid the ‘Red Lobster’ in his final resting place on 106.7 The Fan on Friday, recognizing that the current coaching regime for the Washington Redskins could be coming to it’s unfortunate demise.


Apparently JP wears the same shirt every time he goes on t.v. (Credit: @GlassJoeJP)

‘Fantasy Expert’ JP Goes on Fox 5, Pokes Fun at Show Host

JP was a guest on Fox 5’s morning show on Labor Day, and was asked a slew of Fantasy Football questions. It’s when he was asked about Tim Tebow that things got a little weird, and by weird I mean he made fun of the host of the show.



JP’s Cringeworthy Comment To George Lopez

The Junkies had a solid interview with comedian George Lopez on Thursday, but it was JP’s awkward statement towards the end that left the rest of the show uncomfortable.

106.7 The Fan–01/10/2013

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Flaim’s Forum: Wizards New Plan ‘Going As Expected?’ Really?

I read Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis’ blog post today and laughed. He titled it, “Going as I expected.” Really?

106.7 The Fan–01/03/2012

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Flaim’s Forum: Finding The Positives

After starting the season 3-1, the Washington Redskins have now lost five in a row. The season looks lost and the outlook for the future looks grim. Still, they say behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining so I wanted to try and point to the positive.

106.7 The Fan–11/15/2011

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Flaim’s Forum: Eagles’ Weak Defense Is Key To Victory

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to an awful 1-4. As talented as they are, they have weakness that other teams have exploited. To win this Sunday, the Redskins need to do the same.

106.7 The Fan–10/10/2011

Washington Redskins Helmet

Flaim’s Forum: Beast Of The East

I’m not saying the Redskins are the second coming of 1985 Chicago Bears. But, if they can win on Monday, Shanahan’s team will emerge as the beast of the east.

106.7 The Fan–09/26/2011