Judge Sets Conditions of John Hinckley's Visits John Hinckley will soon be spending more time outside a Washington mental hospital.
Reagan Shooter Granted More Time to Leave Mental Hospital, Visit Mother in Va.A judge has ruled that the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan will get to spend more time outside a mental hospital where he has been confined for most of the past three decades.
Reagan's Shooter Asks For More Time at Mother's HomeA lawyer for the man who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan says his client has been spending too much time at a psychiatric hospital and should instead spend more time at his mother's Virginia home.
Complaints From Ronald Reagan's Family Cause Cancellation Of Blood Vial AuctionA European auction house Thursday canceled the planned online sale of a vial containing dried blood residue said to be from Ronald Reagan after complaints from the late U.S. president's family and foundation.
Hinckley's Lawyers Want Man Who Shot Reagan To Live Outside Mental HospitalAttorneys for the man who shot President Ronald Reagan will be asking a judge to let him spend more time away from a Washington mental hospital with the goal of eventually allowing him to live outside the facility full-time.
David Elfin On Sports: NCAA Tournament MemoryAmericans who were more than five years old on March 30, 1981 probably remember where they were when they learned that President Ronald Reagan had been shot. I remember that day for a related, but different reason.

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