FCC Denies Petition to Ban ‘Redskins’ on Radio, Cites ‘Free Speech’A petition to ban the word "Redskins" from use on radio has been rejected by the Federal Communications Committee, with the government agency ruling the word is neither "profane" nor "obscene."
FCC Chairman Urged to Reject Petition Against ‘Redskins’ Name on Grounds of Free SpeechThe head of a religious media watch group has sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, urging him, on the grounds of free speech, to reject a petition against renewing Redskins radio’s broadcasting license.
Lack Of Port-A-Potties Could Create Messy Situation At Obama InaugurationWhile debt ceilings and tax cuts have dominated Washington, D.C., discussion in recent months, one budget cut from President Obama’s Monday inauguration could create a real mess – not enough port-a-potties.

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