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Jeb Bush Speaking

Jeb Bush ‘Not Going To Back Down’ On Immigration, Supports ‘Path For Legalized Status’

Former Florida governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said that although his pro-immigration views are not in line with his party’s base, he’s “not going to back down” on the country’s “immigration problem.”


Jeb Bush Speaking

Bush Earned Millions In Juggling Act As Corporate Adviser

During his transition from Florida governor to likely presidential candidate, Jeb Bush served on the boards of or as an adviser to at least 15 companies and nonprofits, a dizzying array of corporate connections that earned him millions of dollars and occasional headaches.


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Donald Trump: ‘This Country Is A Hellhole’

Billionaire Donald Trump continues to tease a potential presidential run.


Jeb Bush Speaking

Jeb Bush: ‘I’m Not Gonna Be In The Witness Protection Program’

Bush also told those during a business roundtable at Pease International Tradeport that he will not hide from his family’s name.


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Poll: 35 Percent Of Republican Voters View Jeb Bush Unfavorably

The crowded field of Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential election is a welcome change from the 2012 choices, with 57 percent of registered GOP-leaning voters expressing a positive view of their candidates.


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Iraq War Judged A Mistake By Today’s White House Hopefuls

WASHINGTON (AP) — A dozen years later, American politics has reached a rough consensus about the Iraq War: It was a mistake. Politicians hoping to be president rarely run ahead of public opinion. So it’s […]


Jeb Bush Speaking

Bush’s Tough Week Exposes Challenges For His Likely 2016 Bid

For days, Jeb Bush has offered confusing answers to questions about the war in Iraq, disappointed Republicans in Iowa, and forgotten he wasn’t yet a 2016 presidential candidate.


Jeb Bush Speaking

Dickerson: Iraq War Answer Shows Jeb Bush Is ‘Rusty’

Potential Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush stumbled to answer questions about the 2003 invasion and Iraq War led by his brother and then-President George W. Bush – an early campaign gaffe indicating to some that Bush is “rusty.”


Former Florida governor Jeb Bush. (File photo. Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

For Half A Sentence, Bush Is An Official 2016 Candidate

Over and over again, Jeb Bush has said he’s still thinking about whether to run for president.


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Christie: Iraq War Was A Mistake

Gov. Chris Christie says that knowing what we know today, the decision to go to war with Iraq was ultimately the wrong one.