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UN Report: ISIS Group Besieges 228,000 In Syrian City

A new United Nations report says the Islamic State group has more than 225,000 Syrians under siege in a single city.


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Ethiopia: 3 Days Of Mourning For Islamic State Killings

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (CBSDC/AP) — Ethiopia’s government has declared three days of mourning after confirming that many Ethiopians held captive in Libya were killed by the Islamic State group, after the group released a video […]


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Pentagon: ISIS Loses Ground In Iraq, Makes Gains In Syria

The Pentagon says that while Islamic State militants have lost control of up to 6,500 square miles in Iraq, they have gained a bit of ground in Syria since last August.


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US $500 Million Anti-Islamic State Training Program Faces Doubts

The fight against the Islamic State group received a jolt of energy when the United States and Turkey sealed a pact to train and arm Syrian rebels. Two months later, the program faces delays and skepticism — as Turkish officials, Syrian rebels and even former American advisers openly question whether it can ever have any battlefield impact.


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Biden: ISIS ‘Aura Of Invincibility Has Been Pierced’

Vice President Joe Biden is setting the stage for the Iraqi prime minister’s visit to Washington by claiming momentum in the battle against Islamic State militants.


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Paul On GOP Neocons, Krauthammer: Sometimes They’re ‘Just Wrong’

Asked about being more aggressive on “radical Islam” and using “boots on the ground” strategies, Paul said “they need to be Arab boots on the ground. Ultimately, civilized Islam is going to rise up and be part of this.”


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‘Beyond Inhumane': Palestinian Refugee Camp In Syrian Capital Under Attack By ISIS

Shelling and sporadic clashes struck a Palestinian refugee camp under attack by Islamic extremists in the Syrian capital Monday, a situation that a U.N. official described as “beyond inhumane.”


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Iraq Declares ‘Magnificent Victory’ Over ISIS Fighters In Tikrit

Defense minister says Iraqi solders have driven Islamic militant fighters out of Saddam Hussein’s home town.


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U.S. Airstrikes Support Iraqi Offensive In Tikrit

American warplanes bombed ISIS targets to support Iraqi ground forces as they make their final push into Tikrit.


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Ted Cruz: ‘We Need To Do Whatever It Takes Militarily’ To Destroy ISIS

Sen. Ted Cruz believes the United States needs to do whatever it takes militarily to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.