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Top Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiacs

In the Kitchen: Grilled Banana Bread Tropical Ice Cream Sandwich

Celebrate summer and cool off with delicious grilled banana bread tropical ice cream sandwiches.


Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

In The Kitchen: Garlic Shrimp

This recipe is perfect for a last-minute meal, especially if you already have some cooked shrimp in the freezer.


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In the Kitchen: Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Spice things up with this delicious tomatillo salsa verde recipe.


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In the Kitchen: Corn Risotto With Blistered Cherry Tomatoes

Enjoy this easy recipe for corn risotto with blistered cherry tomatoes.


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In the Kitchen: Swiss Chard and Tomato Gratin

This recipe makes for a tasty and healthy side.


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In the Kitchen: Southern Crispy Catfish Sandwich

Craving the deep-fried goodness of the South lately? This recipe is sure to satisfy.



In The Kitchen: Grilling Sides

The following recipes are perfect side dishes for grilling.


Grilling Recipes

In The Kitchen: Summer Marinades and Sauces for Grilling

Here are seven quick and dirty ways to add flavor to items on the grill this summer.


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In the Kitchen: Easy Spring Into Summer Salad

When it is still spring but begins to feel like summer, it’s time to head to farmer’s markets and pick up all things local. Right now, that includes spinach, cucumbers (hot housed), sugar snap peas and spring onions.


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In the Kitchen: Lamb and Beef Meatballs

Enjoy this recipe for lamb and beef meatballs with two dipping sauces.