Poll: Nearly Half Of Americans Don't Think Their Local Hospital Could Safely Treat Ebola CaseMost Americans have some confidence that the U.S. health care system will prevent Ebola from spreading in this country, but they're not so sure their local hospital can safely handle a patient, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.
Aide: Obama 'Madder Than Hell' Over Veterans Affairs Allegations The White House chief of staff says President Barack Obama is "madder than hell" about reports of treatment delays at veterans' hospitals across the country.
Retirees Help Caregivers Cope With Hospital StaysEdwin Pacheco was in and out of the hospital for months. He'd survived one organ transplant and desperately needed another. But he wasn't the only one suffering. Few people asked how his wife was holding up as she kept vigil, cornered hard-to-understand doctors and held job and family together.
Can My Health Insurance Cover My Spouse?Whether or not your health insurance can cover your spouse depends on your specific policy.
Can My Health Insurance Cover My Children?Whether or not your health insurance can cover your children depends on your specific policy.
How Do I Use My Health Insurance When I Visit A Doctor?To maximize the benefits of your insurance policy, you will likely need to choose a doctor from within your health plan’s network.
How Does My Health Insurance Work At The Hospital?The Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance policies cover 10 essential benefits, including emergency treatment.
Local Hospitals Need Volunteers With 4-Wheel DriveSeveral hospitals in D.C. Metro area are in need of volunteers with 4-wheel drive to help out as the region gets buried in snow.
Promise Of Price Cut On Hospital Bills For Uninsured Under 'Obamacare' In LimboHuge list prices charged by hospitals are drawing increased attention, but a federal law meant to limit what the most financially vulnerable patients can be billed doesn't seem to be making much difference.
Study: Workplace Health Care Program Increases Medicine Costs, Outpatient VisitsIn what's being called the most rigorous look yet inside the wellness trend, independent researchers found that hospitalizations for employees and family members dropped dramatically, by 41 percent overall for six major conditions -- but increased outpatient costs erased those savings.
Bill Would Raise Nurse Staffing Levels in DC New legislation in the District of Columbia would increase nurse staffing levels at the city's hospitals.
Flu Season Strikes Early and Hard From the Rocky Mountains to New England, hospitals are swamped with people with flu symptoms.

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