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Bernie Sanders Highlights Differences With Hillary Clinton

The Vermont Senator says Clinton has not yet taken a position on trade legislation and the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.


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Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s Time To End The Era Of Mass Incarceration’

Hillary Rodham Clinton says a wave of unrest in Baltimore shows the need to “restore order and security” and find ways to reform the criminal justice system.


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Clinton: ‘Baltimore Is Burning’

At a New York fundraiser for her presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton told about 150 donors: “Baltimore is burning.”


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AP Sources: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders To Run For President

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will announce his plans to seek the Democratic nomination for president on Thursday, presenting a liberal challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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Clinton Foundation Head: ‘Yes, We Made Some Mistakes’ Disclosing Donors

Pally said the Clinton Foundation expected to refile some of its tax forms, following a voluntary external review, because it had “mistakenly combined” government grants with other donations.


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Clinton Gives Glimpse Of How She Plans To Run As A Woman

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s passionate speech Thursday appealing for expanded rights and opportunities for woman in the U.S. and around the world wasn’t supposed to be a campaign event. But it might as well have been.


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Clinton’s Granddaughter Playing Significant Part In Presidential Bid

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is playing a significant part in Grandma Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid.


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GOP Spokesman: Benghazi Report May Slip Into 2016

A Republican-led committee investigating the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role, is signaling that its final report could slip to just months before the presidential election if the Obama administration delays producing documents and witnesses.


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Bill Clinton: ‘I Don’t Intend To Talk Much About Electoral Politics’

The Clintons’ political history will play a big part in her new campaign, but the early emphasis has been elsewhere.


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Clinton Dissociating Herself In Measured Ways From Obama

Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed qualms Tuesday about the sweeping trade deal the Obama administration is negotiating with Pacific nations.