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Jeb Bush Speaking

Jeb Bush Says Clinton Was ‘Complete Failure’ As Secretary Of State

Newly declared Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is fast out of the gate when it comes to criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner.


Hillary Clinton

Clinton: Obama Should Use Trade Fight To His Advantage

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday that President Barack Obama should use a setback in Congress to seek the best possible trade agreement with 11 other Pacific Rim nations, pointing to the stumbles over the pact as an opportunity to address Democrats’ concerns about job protections and wages.


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Clinton To Hold First Public Event In New Hampshire

Hillary Rodham Clinton is heading back to New Hampshire and giving members of the public their first opportunity to attend one of her campaign events.



Hillary Clinton Delivers First Major Speech Of 2016 Campaign

Much of Clinton’s speech focused on America’s middle-class, with highlights on job displacement, wage inequality, LGBT rights and the GOP’s lack of help.


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Sanders Calls Out Clinton Trade Deal Silence: ‘You Can Be For It, Or You Can Be Against It’

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., continued demands for fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade agreement currently being debated by Congress.


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Clinton Linking Campaign To Middle Class Struggles Despite Few Of Her Own

Hillary Rodham Clinton is putting everyday Americans at the center of her first major campaign speech for the Democratic presidential nomination as she connects the Depression-era struggles of her mother to the challenges facing those who helped the nation recover from the Great Recession.


Bill Clinton Speaking

Bill Clinton: I Would Step Down From Clinton Foundation If Hillary Asks

Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday that if his wife is elected president he will stop giving paid speeches and, if she asks, step down from the foundation that bears his name and has fueled attacks against her during her nascent campaign.



GOP Says Clinton Dividing Americans Over Voting Rights

Republicans are striking back against Hillary Clinton’s accusations that they have attempted to disenfranchise voters.


Hillary Clinton

Americans Split On Whether Clinton Cares About Their Needs

Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to spend the summer building a case that Republicans are out of touch with the public. But many people aren’t convinced she empathizes with them, either, polls suggest, in a potential early warning sign for the Democratic front-runner.


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Poll: 57 Percent Of Americans Say Clinton Not Honest And Trustworthy

Americans have their most unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton than at any time since 2001, with 50 percent expressing a negative opinion of the Democratic presidential candidate.