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Family-Friendly Travel Guide To Hershey, Pennsylvania

Family friendly guide to the “Sweetest Place on Earth,” Hershey, Pennsylvania.


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Hershey Exploring Removal of Corn Syrup

Hershey is looking at replacing the high-fructose corn syrup in some of its products with sugar.


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Hershey Takes Wraps Off New Corporate Logo

The Hershey Company is rolling out a new corporate logo that features a freshly stylized version of one of its most famous chocolate products.


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Hershey Candy Company Sues Md. Candidate With Same Name

The Hershey company says a Maryland candidate is milking its iconic chocolate bar for political gain.


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Hershey Takes on Fast-Growing Nutella

Americans apparently like smearing their foods with chocolatey spreads.


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Food Industry Cuts Calories Four-Fold Over Pledge

Some of the nation’s largest food companies have cut daily calorie counts by an average of 78 per person, a new study says, more than four times the amount the industry pledged to slash by next year.


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Best City Escapes From Washington, D.C.

When the mood for out-of-town adventure strikes, rent a car or book a train ticket and check out these best city escapes.