Iranian President Says Nation 'Is Ready To Talk' With West Ahead Of UN TripOn the eve of a landmark trip to attend the U.N. General Assembly, Iran's president offered Sunday his most expansive vision that a deal to settle the impasse over Tehran's nuclear program could open doors for greater cooperation on regional flash points such as the Syrian civil war.
Iran President Says Obama Sent Him 'Positive And Constructive' LetterIranian President Hasan Rouhani says in an interview that he received a "positive and constructive" letter from President Barack Obama congratulating him on his election.
Hard-Line Iranians Challenge New President For Being Too Friendly With The WestHard-line parliamentarians challenged Monday the Cabinet proposed by Iran's new president, accusing him of nominating ministers who are friendly to the West or who back "sedition" against the country's clerically dominated system of government.
U.S. Says It Can Be 'Willing Partner' to New Iranian PresidentThe White House says it hopes Iran's new president will "heed the will" of the voters and make choices that will "lead to a better life" for Iranians.
New US Penalties Will Greet Iran's New PresidentAs Iran's new president takes over, new U.S. penalties against the country appear a done deal.
Iran's Supreme Leader: 'Americans Are Untrustworthy And Illogical'Iran's top leader said Sunday he has not prohibited talks with the U.S. but urged caution with any possible dialogue, describing the American government as untrustworthy.
New Iran President Affirms Support For Assad, HezbollahIran's president-elect has sent messages to Syria's Bashar Assad and Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group, reaffirming support for the two allies.

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