Tim Tebow's Reputation Inching to Edge of Religious CliffWhile it's becoming harder to defend his quarterback abilities, there is no doubt what's made Tim Tebow an unforgettable storyline in the NFL is a direct result of his undeniable affiliation with his faith. And as Gregg Doyel spelled it out for Holden and Danny, he's about to drive that mountain of good faith he's built up right off a cliff.
Holden & Danny: Gregg Doyel Says NCAA Should Not Give Penn State The "Death Penalty"Gregg Doyel, national columnist for CBS Sports took on Penn State in his latest column and argued why the school's football program should not receive the "death penalty" from the NCAA. He joined Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier to explain his position, one that is not very favored amongst people who followed the Jerry Sandusky trial.
John Feinstein On The Gary Williams/Debbie Yow/Gregg Doyel FeudJohn Feinstein defends Gary Williams and talks Debbie Yow/Gregg Doyel on the Junkies.

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