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Position to Win: Help Uncle Sam Pick You

‘Source Selection‘ is a process used by government agencies to select the proposal that represents the overall best value to the government for a specific requirement or group of requirements.


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Position to Win: Competition in Government Contracting (Part 2)

Sole source buys are under increasing scrutiny and the number of competitive obligations by federal agencies seems to be increasing each year. From that standpoint it seems Uncle Sam is doing its part, but what about industry?


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Position To Win: Tips For Strengthening Business Opportunities

As a contractor or vendor to the U.S. Government, are you realizing too little return on your investment of time and money when it comes to developing viable business opportunities? Maybe the problem is your company’s time is spread between too many so-so prospects.


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Position To Win: Government Contracting

Generally speaking, the ‘Rule of Two’ is most often associated with streamlined purchases conducted under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures when the value of the purchase falls within the Simplified Acquisition Threshold of $3,000 to $150,000.


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Proceed At Your Own Risk When Bidding For Federal Contracts

The latest trend in government contracting has been building for a few years now.



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