S.C. Governor: Confederate Flag Comes Down FridaySouth Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill into law Thursday that will bring down the Confederate flag outside the Statehouse, a move that seemed unthinkable only a month ago in this Deep South state that was the first to secede from the Union.
Ann Coulter: Nikki Haley Is 'An Immigrant' Who Doesn't Understand America's HistoryConservative political commentator Ann Coulter said Tuesday night that Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is "an immigrant" who doesn't comprehend America's history.
Gov. Haley: 'No One Should Be Playing Golf' With Sequester Cuts LoomingPresident Barack Obama on Monday said looming automatic spending cuts are already affecting the economy, while a top administration official warned that the nation's borders would be less secure if billions of dollars are yanked from the budget Friday.
2008 GOP Redux? Romney Has Plenty Of Women To Choose For VPGet used to these names: Gov. Susanna Martinez of New Mexico, Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. One of these women could potentially be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate.

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