Jindal: GOP 'Better Not Waste' Election VictoriesLouisiana governor urges Congressional majorities leaders to do more than simply reject President Obama's policies.
Jindal: 'We Must Be Willing To Pay The Price For Peace'Urging both political parties to "pay the price for peace," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Monday said the United States must boost military spending by tens of billions of dollars to help end what he described chaos and conflict around the world.
Jindal: Obama Administration Has Become 'Science Deniers'Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Tuesday that President Barack Obama's administration has become "science deniers," failing to do enough to harness the nation's energy potential.
Gov. Jindal Sues Obama Administration Over Common CoreGov. Bobby Jindal planned to file a lawsuit Wednesday against the Obama administration, accusing it of illegally manipulating federal grant money and regulations to force states to adopt the Common Core education standards.
Jindal: Obama Administration 'Making Our Country A Magnet For These Migrants'Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the Obama administration Thursday for providing few details to Louisiana officials about the more than 1,000 unaccompanied immigrant children who have been released to sponsors in the state.
GOP Hopefuls For 2016 Presidential Race Talk Of Unifying PartyThree possible Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race were in Iowa on Saturday to offer their prescriptions for uniting the GOP
Gov. Jindal Calls For Rep. McAllister To Resign From Congress Over ScandalLouisiana Rep. Vance McAllister stayed out of sight as calls grew louder from Republicans back home demanding the GOP congressman's resignation after he was caught on video kissing the wife of a friend.
Jindal: GOP Needs 'Obamacare' AlternativeLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is offering an alternative to President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, saying states should play a greater role in containing health care costs.

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