Map Shows Each State's Most Embarrassing Google SearchesReal estate site Estately found out the most embarrassing things people search for in every state.
Google to be Part of New Holding Company, 'Alphabet'Google, which has been expanding far beyond its original business of Internet search advertising, is changing its operating structure by creating a new holding company called Alphabet.
New Google Feature Shows Busiest Times for Local BusinessesGoogle has rolled out a new feature that can tell you how busy a store is before heading out, but some question whether the convenience outweighs privacy concerns.
Android Security Flaw Could Give Hackers Control Of Your Phone With A Text MessageCybersecurity firm says it uncovered a security flaw in the software took that handles video and media playback.
Companies Look To Algorithms To Hire More Diverse StaffLooking to remove biased human decisions, companies are looking to systematic data patterns, or algorithms, to hire more diversity in the workplace.
Google Protects Gmail Users From Sending Regrettable NotesGoogle is making it easier to avoid getting into trouble with a misdirected or inappropriate email.
Smithsonian to Open 1st Wing on Innovation, Business HistoryA wide range of innovations from Eli Whitney's cotton gin and Thomas Edison's light bulb to the early Google servers and Apple's iPhone have been brought together to tell a broad story of American business history for the first time at the Smithsonian Institution.
Latest Self-Driving Google Car Heading to Public StreetsThe latest version of Google's self-driving car — a pod-like two-seater that needs no gas pedal or steering wheel — will make its debut on public roads this summer, a significant step in the technology giant's mission to have driverless cars available to consumers in the next five years.
Google Maps Turns Into Pac-Man's Chomping GroundsThe virtual streets of Google Maps are being transformed into Pac-Man's chomping grounds in celebration of April Fools' Day.
Reddit, Google Crack Down on Posting Nude PicsReddit and Google are taking a tougher stance against nudity to prevent their services from turning into online peep shows.
Google May Become Uber's Biggest ChallengeUber has been facing a number of challenges lately, but Google may become it's biggest one yet.
Robin Williams' Suicide Seizes the Year on GoogleRobin Williams' suicide seared into the world's collective mindset more than anything else this year, based on what people were searching for on Google.