Google Working On Pill That Could Detect Cancer CellsStill in the experimental stage, the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles, which can travel through a patient's bloodstream, search for malignant cells and report their findings to a sensor on a wearable device.
Baltimore-Based Charity Chosen For Google Glass Development ProgramGoogle has chosen five charities to develop ideas using Web-connected Google Glass to enhance their work.
Wolf Trap to Unveil New Tech For Opera Performance Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts plans to experiment with new technology for smartphones for an upcoming production of the opera "Carmen."
Google Challenges Nonprofits To Follow WWF Lead, Use GlassGoogle has an Earth Day challenge for nonprofits.
Poll: 39 Percent Of Americans Expect Teleportation Devices In Next 50 YearsA majority of Americans say that the technological developments of the next 50 years will have a positive impact on society, with 59 percent holding an “optimistic” view of various future tech advances ranging from positive to downright pervasive.
Former Teacher, FBI 'Most Wanted' Fugitive Sentenced To 25 Years For Child PornA former Washington private school teacher who was captured in Nicaragua after a year on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" fugitives list was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison in a child pornography case.
Exploring Google Glass Through Eyes of Early Users Geeks aren't the only people wearing Google Glass.
First Peek Through Google Glass Impresses Google hopes to change the face of technology by persuading people to wear computers on their heads.

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