Keystone XL Pipeline Review Drags On 5 times Longer Than AverageFor six and a half years, the White House has had a quick comeback to questions about its yet-to-be-announced decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline: Talk to the State Department.
Poll: George W. Bush Viewed More Favorably Than ObamaFormer President George W. Bush received favorable polling numbers for the first time in a decade – surpassing the 49 percent favorability given to current President Barack Obama.
Iraq War Judged A Mistake By Today's White House Hopefuls
Dickerson: Iraq War Answer Shows Jeb Bush Is 'Rusty'Potential Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush stumbled to answer questions about the 2003 invasion and Iraq War led by his brother and then-President George W. Bush – an early campaign gaffe indicating to some that Bush is “rusty.”
Kanye West Says 'I'm Sorry' Over Bush-Katrina CommentsKanye West expressed his appreciation for the phrase “I’m sorry,” which he opened his commencement speech at the Art Institute of Chicago with before receiving an honorary doctorate.
George W. Bush: I Will Be A Problem For Jeb On Campaign TrailFormer President George W. Bush believes he will be a problem for Jeb Bush on the presidential campaign trail.
Jeb Bush: 'There Were Mistakes Made In Iraq' During George W. Bush's AdministrationFormer Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Wednesday there can be no diplomacy with Islamic State militants, but only a U.S.-led coalition of Middle Eastern countries committed to "tightening the noose and taking them out."
Jeb Bush: 'It's An Interesting Challenge For Me' To Distinguish Myself From George W. BushIt's a question Jeb Bush gets often, and will surely get again, over and over.

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