Huge World Cup Viewing Party at Freedom Plaza for U.S. vs. BelgiumSweaty soccer fans will converge in a sunbaked plaza in downtown Washington to watch the United States take on Belgium in the knockout round of the World Cup.
Group Holds Vigil for Homeless Who Died in D.C.Homeless advocates are holding an all-night vigil for homeless people who have died this year in Washington.
Guide For Thanksgiving Weekend Visitors To Washington DCThanksgiving in the nation’s capital can be a great trip. There’s so much to see and do in DC, but here are the top five places to hit to experience all that DC has to offer over your extended weekend.
Activist Adam Kokesh Denied Bond in D.C. CourtAn activist who posted a video of himself loading a gun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza will remain in jail while he awaits trial on gun charges.
Occupy DC Sites Quiet After Police EnforcementTwo encampments of Occupy demonstrators in Washington are noticeably quieter after a weekend in which U.S. Park Police began strictly enforcing no camping regulations.
Park Police Conduct Compliance Checks Of Occupy DC In Freedom Plaza Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman, says protesters are not being evicted, and Park Police want to respect their First Amendment rights.
Occupy Campers In D.C. Ordered To LeaveThe time has finally come for Occupy protestors to relocate in D.C. With House legislation backing them, Police will begin arresting all Protestors 'camping' at McPherson Square & Freedom Plaza at noon today.

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