Free Flicks

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Free Flicks: Sneak Peak of Animated Comedy

Any given day, a movie is showing for free from Beltway to Beltway. They play all the time at local museums and libraries.


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Free Flicks: Free Expression

A couple of films this weekend might have you casting aside inhibition and dancing in the aisles, including the hair metal musical “Rock of Ages” and a documentary about Cuba’s Queen of Salsa.


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Free Flicks: Outdoor Movies

Who says the end of summer means the end of outdoor movies? Fall may be right around the corner, but at the end of this week, drive-in-style big screen presentations are coming to three places […]


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Free Flicks: Foreign Films and Subtitles

If you’re not scared off by subtitles, this might be your time to check out a free movie.


Study finds eating popcorn may be bad for advertisers. (Getty Images)

Free Flicks For The End Of The Summer

Summer 2014 is going out with a bang, as far as the local free movie scene is concerned.


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Free Flicks From Beltway to Beltway

As if you needed a surer sign that summer is winding down, the curtain is falling on more free summertime movie festivals this week, from Beltway to Beltway.


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Free Flicks For Final Week of Summer For Kids

Summer is quickly winding down for most kids around here, and the people who put on the free movies from Beltway to Beltway seem to have noticed.


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Enjoy Free Movies During Dog Days of Summer

These may be the dog days of summer, but this week has one big reminder that fall is almost on the way.


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Free Flicks For Kids Plentiful This Week

Movies for the kids abound on this week’s list of free movies from Beltway to Beltway. Just about every day this week offers something for the Rated PG set, from “Muppets Most Wanted” and “The Pirate Fairy” on Saturday to “Frozen” and “Babe” on Friday.


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DC Free Movie Scene Offers Classic Flair

The free summer outdoor movie scene gets more of a classic fair this week.