Fred Smoot

Fred Smoot of the Washington Redskins (photo credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Fred Smoot: Redskins ‘Might be Looking at a Name Change’

The Washington Redskins may staring down the barrel at a name change, so says former Redskin Fred Smoot, who asserts he’s “in the corner of doing what’s right.”


Fred Smoot. (Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Fred Smoot to Host Love Boat-Themed Charity Function

Fred Smoot appears to be turning a negative into a positive, by throwing a “party for a purpose” — a charity event on a boat in Alexandria, Va., themed after the infamous 2005 Vikings Love Boat Scandal.


Fred Smoot (credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Smoot On Sherman: ‘As A Connoisseur Of Great Trash Talk, I Enjoyed It’

In nine seasons in the NFL, Fred Smoot developed quite the reputation as a smack talker. So, it’s no surprise he’s giving Richard Sherman two thumbs up.


Fred Smoot of the Washington Redskins (photo credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Smoot Opens Up About Planning Scandalous Love Boat Party

Fred Smoot gave the most detailed account ever told on-record of the 2005 Minnesota Vikings love boat scandal Thursday, virtually outlining every detail, and how the story blew up into a media nightmare.


Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder. (Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Dan Snyder Stayed Overnight in a Hospital with Fred Smoot

While sitting in with the Junkies Friday, Fred Smoot recalled a hospital visit in Dallas, during which he was accompanied through the night by Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder.


Mike Shanahan (credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Smoot: RGIII Has More Power Than Shanahan

Fred Smoot unveiled who should be coaching the Redskins, and it’s not Mike Shanahan, and the GM shouldn’t be Bruce Allen. Basically, RGIII wins the Shanahan-RGIII tug-of-war.


Fred Smoot. (Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Smoot: Steve ‘Incognito’ Smith Didn’t Ruin My Career

Fred Smoot heard Steve Smith proudly assert that he ruined Smoot’s career, to which he responded, Steve Smith is a liar … and he’s soft … and he’s a bully.


Fred Smoot. (Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Listen to How Fred Smoot Says the Word ‘Snippet’

An audio clip recently surfaced of Fred Smoot in which his pronounced southern drawl helps him pronounce the word “snippet” as “schnipplet.” It’s quite possibly the single greatest audio clip of Fred that’s ever been recorded, and for Fred, that’s saying something, or at least a schnipplet of something.


14. Philadelphia Eagles (5-5)

Brian Westbrook: The NFC East ‘Seems A Little Soft’

Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook had a good old-fashioned ‘my generation is better than yours’ rant Thursday, when conversing with old division rival Fred Smoot about the current state of the NFC East, and how soft it’s become.


Albert Haynesworth #92 of the Washington Redskins in action against the New York Jets during their preseason game on August 27, 2010 at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Smoot Wouldn’t Say Haynesworth Was a ‘Bust’ in Washington

In light of Albert Haynesworth ripping the Redskins organization, Fred Smoot came to his former teammate’s aid Thursday, saying he can relate to playing for a team he’s not wanted on, and even declined to dismiss Haynesworth as being a “bust” during his time in Washington.