Graham: 'More American Soldiers Will Die In Iraq And Syria To Protect Our Homeland'Lindsey Graham will formally launch his bid for president in the small South Carolina town where he grew up. His White House ambitions are rooted half a world away in the Middle East.
Rubio Promoting A Strong Military As Part Of Foreign PolicyDefending the use of American military power, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Wednesday called for an increase in military spending and for the U.S. to aggressively confront Russia, China and others that he says threaten the nation's economic interests.
Rand Paul Faces Tough Questions From Orthodox Jewish CrowdLooking to woo New York's Orthodox Jewish community, Republican presidential contender Rand Paul faced tough questions Monday about his support for Israel and his approach to foreign policy in the Middle East
McCain, Graham Take On Paul Foreign Policy: 'Worst Possible Candidate' For PresidentSen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and potential 2016 presidential contender Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., teamed up against fellow GOP Sen. Rand Paul to label him “the worst possible candidate” for president, specifically because of his “isolationist” foreign policy.
Romney: Clintons Think 'They Don’t Have To Follow Their Own Rules'Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he “just didn’t feel right” about a 2016 campaign and discussed several moves he wish he made and strategies he’ll pass on to the future GOP candidate.
Touting Foreign Policy, Obama Says Americans Are Safer Under His WatchPresident Barack Obama is pushing back against criticism of his foreign policy, arguing that Americans are safer on his watch.
Educating The Senate: Hearing To Give Rookies 'World View' Five-term Sen. John McCain is taking the Senate to school on foreign policy.
Expert: Obama ‘Backing Republicans In A Bad Corner’ On ImmigrationSince Obama has taken things into his own hands offending the GOP base, some experts warn that his actions could hinder Republicans in the next election.
Rubio: 'The World Needs American Strength'Sen. Marco Rubio called Wednesday for increased U.S. defense spending and greater intervention abroad, positioning himself as the leading foreign policy hawk among Republicans considering runs for the White House.
Rubio Positioning Himself As Leading Foreign Policy Hawk Among Republicans Considering White House RunsSen. Marco Rubio is positioning himself as the leading foreign policy hawk among Republicans considering runs for the White House, pushing for more military spending and greater intervention abroad as the United States confronts Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria.
Obama Outlines Plan To Defeat Islamic StateStrategy will include U.S. led air strikes and the training and arming of Syrian rebels opposed to the Islamic State group. He promises no "boots on the ground" for American forces.
Chuck Todd: Obama 'On Precipice Of Doing Jimmy Carter-Like Damage To The Democratic Brand'Chuck Todd warns that President Barack Obama could be on the verge of doing “Jimmy Carter-like damage” to the Democratic Party over his foreign policy.

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