Working-Age Americans Now Make Up Majority of Food Stamp DependentsIn a first, working-age people now make up the majority in households that rely on food stamps.
The Rise Of 'Duck Dynasty,' The Super Bowl Blackout, And The Knockout Game: Top Talkers Of 2013
Senate Rejects GOP Bid To Let States Run Food StampsThe Senate has rejected a Republican amendment to turn the federal food stamp program over to the states.
House Panel Set To OK Cuts To $80 Billion-A-Year Food Stamp ProgramThe House Agriculture Committee is set to consider small cuts to the $80 billion-a-year food stamp program in an effort to appease conservatives who say the food aid has become too expensive.
Montgomery Co. Officials Participate in $5 Per Day Food ChallengeCould you live on $5 of food per day?
Report: US Food Stamp Eligibility Should Be ExpandedThe Institute of Medicine (IOM), a non-profit health adviser, is receiving praise for its new report that finds American SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) benefits are not sufficient enough for the country’s low-income families.
Survey: 55 Percent Of Americans Have Received Federal BenefitsA new survey shows that a majority of Americans (55 percent) have received government benefits from at least one of the major federal entitlement programs.
Poverty Moving Out Of The City And Into Our SuburbsPoverty is on the rise in the suburbs after spiking at an alarming rate over the last four years.
Opinion: Romney’s 47% Don't Pay Taxes Remark Is 100% ControversyRomney thought he was talking amongst his teammates in the locker room last May 17 only to find out that there was somebody on the other team hiding behind the lockers. Had he known a member of the other team was lurking back there, he would have chosen his words more carefully and had presented more carefully-chosen data than the data of which he swiftly generalized.
GOP Leadership Protects Their Budget While Cutting Ours

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