Fish Tank Coral Produced Toxin That Nearly Killed FamilyA Texas mother is speaking out after an attempt to clean a fish tank nearly killed her and her entire family.
Potentially Harmful Bacteria Found in Potomac Snakehead FishScientists say the invasive northern snakehead fish carries bacteria that could be as bad as its bite.
America's Top 5 Must-Visit AquariumsWant to explore the ocean's depths while staying on dry land? Visit 5 of the most must-visit aquariums in the U.S. according to Sy Montgomery, author of, "The Soul Of An Octopus: A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Consciousness."
Fried Sea Scallops Recipe From The "School Of Fish" CookbookWinter is coming and along with it scallop season. Try Ben Pollinger's recipe for fried sea scallops.
Crab-Stuffed Roasted Lobster Recipe For The HolidaysTry out this recipe for crab-stuffed roasted lobster from Ben Pollinger, author of "School of Fish."
Five Healthy Foods For Your BrainWhen it comes to maintaining and even enhancing brain health, choosing the right foods is critically important. These five foods will have your brain working in top gear.
7,000 Fish Die In Inner Harbor, Fells Point State environmental scientists are investigating the cause of a fish kill that left about 7,000 dead Atlantic menhaden in waters that include the Inner Harbor and Fells Point.
Spring Training: Denard Span's Crippling Fear of Fish, BirdsSpring Training is a time for players to ease into their seasonal routines and for fans to familiarize themselves with a team's newest acquisitions. Sometimes they learn all kinds of things about them, like an outfielder's irrational fear of birds ... and fish.
Study Reveals Widespread Seafood-Labeling FraudCould you detect the level of mercury in your sushi just by the taste of it? Distinguish white tuna from escolar? Detect if the salmon in your dish is farmed or wild?
Study: Anxiety Drugs Found In Fish Could Have Evolutionary ConsequencesAccording to a new study, drugs that treat anxiety in people may alter the behavior of fish when the chemicals are flushed into rivers.
Watch: Drab Smacks EB's Ass With A Fish To Settle BetWatch EB get slapped on the ass with a fish.
Win $1,500 In Potomac Snakehead Fishing Tournament Organizers of this year's Potomac Snakehead Tournament say anglers can catch all the snakeheads they want, help rid the river of an invasive species and maybe win $1,500.

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