The charred remains of a Loudoun County home that was not equipped with indoor sprinklers. (credit: Loudoun County Fire Dept.)

Firefight: Profits, Politics Leave Firefighters at Potentially Deadly Disadvantage

Firefighters and contractors remain locked in what may be a deadly fight over money — specifically, the cost of building a home with potentially life saving features versus the less expensive option of building a home without.


credit: Loudoun County Fire Dept.

Firefight: High Cost of Safety At Heart of Battle Between Firefighters, Contractors

A major safety battle continues to rage between the men who build homes and those tasked with putting out fires when the unthinkable happens.


The remnants of a half million dollar home destroyed in Loudoun County in 2008. (credit: Loudoun County Fire Dept.)

Firefight: Lightweight Construction Posing Deadly Risk to Firefighters

Loudoun County Fire Capt. Micah Kiger and his team nearly perished in a fast-spreading blaze that destroyed a half-million dollar home on Meadowood Court in 2008.


File photo of a house fire. (credit: Loudoun County Fire Dept.)

Firefight: Dangerous Battle Raging Between Contractors, Firefighters

In an area with extensive urban sprawl, homes are being constructed at a blinding pace. However, the materials used to make such quickly erected homes may also pose a major safety hazard.