Reporter Says He Was Roughed up by Security Guards at FCC"I could not have been less threatening or more polite," the reporter said.
Time Warner Cable First Company To Have Net Neutrality Complaint Filed Against Them With FCCThe first official net neutrality complaint has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission and it’s against Time Warner Cable.
FCC Moves To Block RobocallsThe Federal Communications Commission on Thursday agreed that Verizon, AT&T and other telecommunication carriers aren't duty-bound to connect those annoying "robocalls" if a consumer doesn't want them.
FCC: 'Redskins' Not Profane; Station Keeps LicenseSaying the word "Redskins" on the air isn't obscene or profane — at least not according to the Federal Communications Commission.
Dem, GOP Senators Urge NFL To Drop 'Blackout' RuleSenators from both parties are urging the National Football League to get rid of a rule that bars home games from being televised in a local market if they have not sold out.
Cable Company Stocks Fall Sharply After Obama Calls For FCC To Reclassify Internet Access As UtilityCable company stocks fell sharply Monday after President Barack Obama called for the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify Internet access as a utility.
FCC Considers Banning 'Redskins' From Public AirwavesThe head of the Federal Communications Commission says the agency will consider a petition to ban the Washington Redskins nickname from the public airwaves.
Reddit Co-Founder: Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Is 'Un-American'Alexis Ohanian tells CBS DC free, unfettered access to the Internet represents the American traditions of fair play and hard work.
FCC Revising Internet Rules After Public Backlash Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is broadening the scope of his proposed open Internet rules and suggesting tougher standards for Internet providers who wish to create paid priority fast lanes on their networks.
FCC To Propose Pay-For-Priority Internet Standards, Free Speech OversightThe Federal Communications Commission is set to propose new Internet rules that would allow Internet service providers to charge content companies for faster delivery of their services over the so-called "last mile" connection to people's homes.
Franken Urges Netflix To Join Fight Against Comcast, Time Warner Cable MergerOne of the most vocal lawmakers opposing the planned merger between media giants Time Warner Cable and Comcast, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., is now looking to Netflix for help bringing down the Comcast proposal.
FAA Expanding Use of Electronic Devices Throughout FlightsThe Federal Aviation Administration has determined that passengers can now use portable electronic devices such as e-readers, video players and video games throughout all stages of a flight.

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