Ben Carson Believes Big Bang Is Fairy Tale, Evolution 'Encouraged' By DevilRepublican presidential candidate Ben Carson said in 2012 that the big bang theory was a fairy tale and that the theory of evolution was “encouraged” by the devil.
Study: Ethiopian Fossils Indicate New Forerunner of HumansA fossil find adds another twig to the human evolutionary tree, giving further evidence that the well-known "Lucy" species had company in what is now Ethiopia, a new study says.
Poll: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human ExistenceNearly three-quarters (73 percent) of Americans believe that God had a hand in humans’ present form, with 42 percent of Americans saying they believe God created humans in their present form 10,000 years ago, and an additional 31 percent believing humans evolved from simpler life forms – but God guided the evolutionary process.
'Science Ignorance Is Pervasive In Our Society': Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Question Big Bang TheoryScientists are disturbed from a new poll that reveals that a majority of Americans question the Big Bang theory.
Study: Americans Flunk Basic Science Facts But Like Science90 percent of respondents say scientists are working for the benefit of humanity.
Poll: Solid Majority Of Americans Believe In EvolutionA majority of Americans (60 percent) say they believe in human evolution, while one-third say that human and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.
Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human EvolutionA new poll finds that a majority of Americans believe that God played a part in the evolution of humans.
Just The Facts: The Pros & Cons Of HomeschoolingOver 1.5 million children are homeschooled by their parents in the U.S.

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