Ewadd's Big Date: The Night He Finally Snaps His Dry SpellOne of the major highlights of the Junkies' Summer Dress Party was Ewadd's much-anticipated date with a silly. Find out if he was able to snap his more than two-year dry spell, along with all other hilarious details of his big date at The Palm.
Blizz Mark-Ewadd Finally Gets His Freestyle on the Radio'Ewadd' revealed his rap alter ego 'Blizz' on the Junkies Thursday, along with a sample of his flow he's been dying to get played on the radio since he was just a pup in the game.
Something I Call Personalit'Ewadd'With the rising presence of video producer Ewadd as a character on the Junkies, it’s time to gauge the temperature of the loyal listeners on his development. What do you know about 'E with an E, Wadd with two Ds' so far and how would you like to see his character arc develop on the show?

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