Report: Black Children Get Less Pain Meds Than White Children In ERBlack children being treated in the emergency room for acute appendicitis are less likely than white children to be given painkillers, according to new a new report.
Study on ER Returns Suggests More Need for Follow-Up CareNew research suggests repeat visits to the emergency room are more common than previously thought and surprisingly, people frequently wind up at a different ER the second time around.
Kids Get Codeine in ER Despite Risks, Guidelines Despite recommended limits on codeine use in children, the potent painkiller is prescribed for children in at least half a million emergency room visits each year, a study suggests.
Can I Pay For Contacts Or Glasses With My Health Insurance?Some insurance plans may include coverage for contacts and glasses, though most don't.
How Do I Choose A Doctor?Finding a new primary care physician takes time, patience and research. Start by considering your personal needs.
How Do I Use My Health Insurance?A main goal of Obamacare is to switch the nation’s healthcare system from one that focuses on treating illness to one that works to prevent illness and promote health and longevity.
Where Can I Get Care?Your insurance company and state government maintain directories of doctors. These can be great starting places for learning where to get care.
Bedbugs Temporarily Close Va. Hospital's ER A hospital in Henrico County temporary closed its emergency room after staff discovered a patient had bedbugs.
Distracted Pedestrians: Thousands Stumble Into Danger, Land In Emergency RoomAbout 1,152 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms in the U.S. last year for injuries suffered while walking and using a cellphone or some other electronic device.

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