Study: Americans See Fewer Racial, Class Conflicts After ElectionAmericans say they believe there is less racial, immigration and class conflict following a presidential election that put many of those social issues in the forefront.
Study: African-American Voter Turnout Rate Surpassing WhitesAfrican-American voters had a higher turnout rate than all other minority groups in 2012, and may have voted at a higher rate than whites for the first time in U.S. history.
Obama Sets All-Time Fundraising Record, Crushes Final Romney TotalsIn a final campaign push, President Obama’s fundraising power crushed that of opponent Mitt Romney, and allowed the president to break his own record to become the biggest fundraiser of all time.
Romney Moving Into Office At Son's FirmFormer Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is moving into office space at his son's Boston-area venture capital firm.
Study: GOP Made Big Gains With Key Voters In 2012New exit poll data and post-election analysis present good news for the Republican party’s future – the American electorate is not truly stacked against them.
Study: Obama Captures Non-Religious VotePresident Obama lost ground among white evangelical Protestants and white Catholics in this year’s election, but religiously unaffiliated voters and Jewish voters came out in big numbers for the Democratic incumbent.
Study: Minority Groups Who Voted 80 Percent Obama To Become MajorityHispanic, black and Asian Americans – groups that gave 80 percent of their votes to President Obama in 2012 – are on track to become the majority of the nation’s population by 2050.
Slim Popular Vote Leans Obama, Numbers Lag Behind 2008 WinPresident Barack Obama secured his re-election to another four years in office as the Electoral and popular votes trickled in early Wednesday morning. But his margin of victory in both the Electoral College and popular vote is much slimmer in comparison to his win in 2008.

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