(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Study: Hotter Days in U.S. Mean Less Cold Cash

Hotter days mean less cold cash for Americans, according to a new study matching 40 years of temperatures to economics.


This image of the Korean Peninsula from space shows the marked contrast between the economically developed south and the totalitarian north. (Image courtesy: NASA)

Report: Political Favoritism Can Be Seen From Space

Hometowns of leaders in politically oppressed regions tend to be more economically favored while that person remains in power.


File photo of Mitt Romney. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Romney Plans To Use Federal Blind Trust If Elected

A week after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney disclosed a fortune worth as much as $250 million, his campaign said Wednesday that he plans to put his holdings in a federal blind trust if he is elected president.


Mitt Romney gives his celebration speech in Michigan after his wins in the Michigan and Arizona primaries Tuesday. (credit: Getty Images)

Romney Wins Ariz. And Mich. On Economy, Experience

Mitt Romney played to his strengths in Arizona and Michigan, carrying economy voters and those seeking the most electable candidate, according to exit polls conducted for The Associated Press in both states.