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Friends - Cakes - Tweet

Brooks Laich & Cakes Become Better Buddies in EB’s Absence

It seems Brooks Laich has moved on to Cakes as his favorite Junkie in EB’s absence, acknowledging Cakes with his signature of friendship Thursday — the weekly ‘buddy’ reference. What a monumental shift in their relationship.



Look Who Crashed Lunch!

This tweet was courtesy of @EBJunkies, with the caption: “Look who crashed lunch.” Least amount of color I’ve ever needed to add to a post. Just look.


Brooks Laich #21 of the Washington Capitals (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

Laich: Caps ‘Right on the Cusp; Closer Than Ever Before’

Brooks Laich, in his weekly appearance with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, said the 2013-14 Capitals squad is a solid, solid team that’s right on the cusp, and uhh … closer now than they’ve ever been in his tenure with the franchise.


Credit: FunBetweenTheBuns.com

Interrupted Live-Reads: Listen To This Over & Over Until It’s Funny

EB jumped the gun just a hair too soon this morning as JP was executing an on-air mention for a sponsor Thursday morning, giving us this clip to listen to and enjoy over and over and over and over again for eternity.


Mama Grizzly just being nubbs : (Credit: Matt Valdez)

Mama Grizzly Update: Time for the Glue Factory

It’s the glue factory for Mama Grizzly. Let’s look back on her brilliant two-month career for Rickshop Racing – including win-loss record, moneys invested, earnings – and determine whether Valdez and Drab made a Mike Wise investment.


Honestly, who wouldn't want to date this guy?

Who Wouldn’t Want to Win a Date With This Guy?

The Ewadd Dating Game was a smash hit on Friday, and even managed to get past a few speed bumps when JP tried to compromise it from the onset.


Junkies Bikini Contest contestants in the studio. (credit: Chris Lingebach/106.7 The FAN)

The 2013 Junkies Bikini Contest (Photos & Video)

The Junkies 2013 Bikini Contest is in the books. Here’s the short link to all the photos, videos and audio from the show you need to get you through your day, then your night, then day, night …


Junkies intern twerking as JP watches with a really creepy face on his face. (Credit: Watch The Junkies)

Intwerking: Junkies Intern Twerks, EB Inexplicably Removes His Pants

The Junkies finally discovered “Twerking” about three years after everybody else, and had an expert on hand to demonstrate the artful dance … basically they had an intern bend over on a chair and dance for them in-studio.


(Photo by Eric Bickel/106.7 the Fan)

‘EB’ Gets Up Close and Personal with the Nats

EB took some remarkable photos during the Nats 7-1 loss to the Rockies this past Saturday at Nats Park.


Yoko Ono, Ewadd's alleged killer of John Lennon. (Credit: JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Bet on Ewadd: Who Shot John Lennon?

The Junkies brought back an age-old classic – “Bet on Bret” – re-branded with new blood as “Bet on Ewadd.” The game took on a familiar feel because these two men share the same lack of knowledge for things that are common to everyone else. Yoko Ono.





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