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E-mail Scam Aimed at E-ZPass Customers

Even if you aren’t an E-ZPass user, you may be the target of a new e-mail scam.


File photo of tollbooth. (credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

VDOT Makes Changes to Meet E-ZPass Demand

Virginia transportation officials have made some changes to meet the demand for E-ZPass transponders in Hampton Roads.


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Tolls Go Up Across Maryland

Tolls have increased bridges, tunnels and other roads in Maryland.


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E-ZPass a Necessity for 495 Express Lanes

Traffic should begin flowing on the 495 Express Lanes later this fall and drivers will need an E-ZPass to access them.


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$1 Monthly E-ZPass Fee Will Apply To New Customers Only In Virginia

Amid public outcry, the Virginia Department of Transportation announced Monday that it would step back its plans to charge E-ZPass users a $1 monthly fee.


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New $1 Per Month Fee Proposed For All E-ZPass Users In Virginia

Traffic officials in Virginia are proposing a new $1 per month fee for all E-ZPass units regardless of whether or not they are being used.