E. coli

E. Coli Found in Northwest D.C. CreekD.C. Water is warning residents to avoid the water in Soapstone Creek after raw sewage spilled into the water, creating elevated levels of E. coli.
Bottled Water Recalled Due to E.Coli ConcernsNiagara Bottling is issuing a voluntary recall for all spring water products produced from June 10-June 18 due to concerns one of its spring sources is contaminated with E. coli.
Research: Bacteria Can Live On Airplane Surfaces For A Week+Before you take your next flight, you may want to take along a little extra hand sanitizer. New research shows bacteria can hang around on airplane surfaces for more than a week.
50,000 Pounds Of Beef Recalled Over E. Coli ConcernsA western Kansas company is recalling more than 50,000 pounds of ground beef products due to concerns that it could be tainted with E. coli.
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