How Drab Bribes His Girlfriend with 'Sports Points!'Drab begrudgingly revealed on the air Friday, his secret method for simultaneously tricking his girlfriend into having sex, and paying close attention to sports on the television, and it's genius. When discussing the loudness of CenturyLink Field in Seattle, which Drab corroborated after attending a game with his girlfriend earlier this year, JP brought up an odd, foreign topic, which Drab seemed reluctant to discuss.
Drab Recounts Painful, Near-Death Experience; Everyone LaughsAs the guys were hypothesizing their survival instincts should they be cast into the throes terror attack, as they often do, Drab was reminded of a painful, traumatic experience of his own, in which he was robbed at gunpoint, and so near to death he said his final prayer.
Mama Grizzly Update: Time for the Glue FactoryIt's the glue factory for Mama Grizzly. Let's look back on her brilliant two-month career for Rickshop Racing - including win-loss record, moneys invested, earnings - and determine whether Valdez and Drab made a Mike Wise investment.
Lurch Asks 'What Will Make My Life Happy?' En Route to Startling Revelation Amidst Jason "Lurch" Bishop continuing his ongoing struggle to find the meaning of life, he made the shocking revelation that he's considering adding a dog to his family. Now he needs your help weeding out the crap dogs, from the one that will finally bring him happiness.
The 2013 Junkies Bikini Contest (Photos & Video)The Junkies 2013 Bikini Contest is in the books. Here's the short link to all the photos, videos and audio from the show you need to get you through your day, then your night, then day, night ...
Two Donkeys Are Buying a HorseMatt Valdez and Drab T-Shirt made a legendary announcement on the show Wednesday, about a business venture they're jointly pursuing, and credit must be given where credit is due: they nailed the big reveal.
Something I Call Personalit'Ewadd'With the rising presence of video producer Ewadd as a character on the Junkies, it’s time to gauge the temperature of the loyal listeners on his development. What do you know about 'E with an E, Wadd with two Ds' so far and how would you like to see his character arc develop on the show?
EB Has a Problem … It's Time We All IntervenedThe Junkies put on a fun-loving show every morning, from which talking about their lives is commonplace and yields laughs and hilarity for all. But sometimes fate steps in. Sometimes the harsh reality that we can't control the world takes over. Sometimes even the strongest of men just need a little help.

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