New Va. Laws: Hybrid Vehicle Tax Out, Strict DUI Penalties InA $64 hybrid vehicle license tax is going away while tougher DUI penalties begin next month in Virginia.
DC To Begin Issuing 'Real ID' Cards Next MonthUnless you're a D.C. resident who actually likes visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles, we've got some bad news.
Virginia DMV Offering Electronic Notifications The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is offering a new service to let customers find out when they'll get their DMV products in the mail.
Texting-While-Driving Law Nets 725 Convictions in VirginiaVirginia has recorded 725 convictions during the first six months of a texting-while-driving law, which made the distracted-driving practice a primary offense.
DMV Worker in Va. Admits to Taking Bribes for Licenses A former employee with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has pleaded guilty to taking bribes to help people in the U.S. illegally get driver's licenses from the department.
Virginia Woman Rides Horse to DMV to Get License Back A Virginia woman is trading one kind of horsepower for another after she rode her horse to downtown Richmond to get her driver's license reinstated following a paperwork mix-up.
DMV Says Tesla Can Apply for Dealership in VirginiaVirginia officials now say electric car maker Tesla Motors can apply to operate its own dealership in Virginia.
Understaffed D.C. DMV Cancels Most Road Tests Until Oct. 11The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles is canceling most road tests until Oct. 11.

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