Gunning for the Top: How Sean Gilbert Has Positioned Himself to Take Over NFLPAFormer Redskin Sean Gilbert has silently been assembling a resume to make him the ideal candidate to take over as the next executive director of the NFLPA. He joined Lavar & Dukes Wednesday to explain why he's the most qualified to defend NFL players, at all costs.
DeMaurice Smith: NFL Doesn't Deny Collusion NFL players union chief DeMaurice Smith says the league isn't exactly refuting his organization's claim of collusion.
Elfin: Timing Is Everything In The NFLPA's Latest Grievance Against Its Old FoeThe NFLPA says it was simply coincidence that it brought a collusion lawsuit against the NFL a day after the Redskins' and Cowboys' salary cap dispute was dismissed by the league arbitrator, but regardless of why or when it happened, it's a game changer for Washington...and the Redskins should take it as a sign that the fight's not over.
Holden & Danny: Andrew Brandt Says They May Have Lost, But Snyder/Jones Have A Victory ComingAndrew Brandt, president and founder of The National Football Post lent his vast knowledge to Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier today in the twilight of the Redskins and Cowboys having their cases against the NFL turned away by the league arbitrator. He broke the entire litigation process down in plain English, and also provided a juicy nugget about Lavar.
DeMaurice Smith Responds To Congressional Hearing On HGHDeMaurice Smith welcomes congressional hearing on HGH but wants questions answered first.
George Atallah On Latest NFL Labor NegotiationsNFLPA's George Atallah calls while on his way to New York via train before today's NFL labor meetings with Roger Goodell and owners.
John Keim Updates The Fan On Redskins "Mini-Camp"Keim details yesterday's player-organized Redskins practice
Drew Brees and DeMaurice Smith InterviewThe Sports Junkies' speak with Saints QB Drew Brees and NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith before the day's NFL labor negotiations.

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