Darrell Green Rips Deion Sanders, Norv Turner and Marty SchottenheimerDarrell Green has some old resentments he'd like to get off his chest.
Top 5 Most Overrated AthletesHow do you judge an athlete's true worth? Go beyond the stats to look at what they've really accomplished.
Top 5 Athletes Who Failed At MusicWe cheer when athletes win. We run away -- fast -- when athletes sing. Here are the top 5 worst cases of athletes singing.
He Speaks: Lynch Breaks Silence At Media DayWith a day known for for it's outlandish stunts, both by the media and the players, it was the small amount of answers by Lynch that made the headlines.
Devin Hester Ties Deion Sanders TD RecordAgainst a struggling Washington Redskins special teams unit, Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears tied Hall of Famer Deion Sanders' NFL record with his 19th return for a touchdown.
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