Pentagon Wants Invisible Armored Truck That Can Drive ItselfMilitary planners want armored vehicles with less armor, more stealth.
Navy To Launch Spy Drones From ShipsNavy looking to build smaller drones that can be launched from ships at sea.
Military Researchers Developing Brain Implants To Help Restore Wounded Soldiers' MemoriesU.S. military researchers say they are developing a brain implant that would restore the memory of wounded soldiers and those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease.
US Military Developing Silent, Hybrid MotorcycleThe U.S. military is investing in the development of a hybrid, stealth motorcycle for use by special operations teams in the near future.
Obama Set To Announce Federal Initiative To Map The Human BrainPresident Obama has announced a broad new research initiative to map and explore the human brain.
Defense Agency Successfully Refuels Drones In-Flight At 45,000 FeetA Defense Department agency successfully refueled drones while they were 45,000 feet in the air.

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